All-New Powertrain Options in the 2019 Ford Mustang

Fast and stylish, the Ford Mustang is a muscle car that has legendary status on a global scope. For 2019, this two-door car is available with several high-performance features that are inspired by racing.

Displacing only 2.3 L on a full stroke, the Mustang's EcoBoost I-4 engine delivers an impressive torque output of 350 pound-feet at 3,000 RPM. How does this compact engine block create a 9.5:1 compression ratio? Well, a turbocharger should get plenty of credit. This sporty Ford model is also available with a naturally aspirated V8 engine that runs on the latest…

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Ford Fusion: Fun Technology

The Ford Fusion makes driving fun by using technology to coach and capture energy. This popular midsize car uses several platforms to save fuel and make driving interesting.

The regenerative braking system in the Fusion captures energy and sends the captured energy back to the battery. The battery stores the energy until you need it later. You can monitor your captures with the Brake Coach. The Coach will teach you how to save more power and use less gas.

The Fusion Plug-In Hybrid with EV Mode works with Ford”s MyFord mobile app and the website.
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Choose the Ford Focus RS for Its Technology Features

When you are searching for a fun new vehicle to drive, you should not overlook a popular compact performance hatchback like the Focus RS from Ford. This hatchback delivers the technology features that you want and need.

When you are behind the wheel of the Ford Focus RS, you have multiple drive options available to you. Each of these options is made to enhance your driving in specific conditions. If you would like to talk to your vehicle to control the music that it plays and more, you have the option to do that with the SYNC 3 system that…
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Check Out These Ford Flex Comfort Features

The all-new Ford Flex is a popular three-row midsize SUV that is turning the industry on to comfort features you'd expect in larger vehicles.

The Ford Flex has standard seven-passenger seating, which means you can easily carpool your coworkers to the office easily or get the local kids to their soccer game on time. The seating is comfortable and the leg room is plentiful, so even though there are seven seats, everyone can easily enjoy their own space. Easy access to all seating is a breeze too.

Even though you have plenty of seating, there may be times you…
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Make Your Own Tracks in a Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is a SUV that makes sense. It has powerful engine components along with three rows of seating, making it a popular choice among drivers who have a lot to carry.

No matter what the driving conditions are like, you'll be able to get to where you need to be. Some models come with a 3.5 liter Ti-VCT engine. This engine has variable control over the timing of the valve camshaft, which allows it to make adjustments as you travel. You'll have traction during a snow storm and acceleration as you get onto a highway…

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The 2018 Ford Focus Is Ready To Please Aggressive Drivers

The 2018 Ford Focus is prepared to make an impact in the automobile industry. It is a shot in the arm for car shoppers looking to have a sporty vehicle at an affordable price. New car buyers can choose from the S sedan, SE sedan, SE hatch and SEL sedan.

The Ford Focus can handle the most aggressive drivers. The standard torque vectoring control assist motorist in taking corners. The system also allows the car to handle well during rough weather.

The 2018 Ford Focus showcases a very detailed interior. It has French seams with alloy trim to go with…
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Performance Features of the Ford Fusion Energi

Hybrid vehicles are a fast-growing segment of the automotive market, and the Fusion Energi heads Ford's fleet with an innovative lithium-ion battery capable of vastly improving fuel efficiency.

The lithium-ion battery serves up 7.6 kWh, which translates into a 610-mile range per tank using both fully-charged battery power and traditional fuel in combination. Running on pure battery power alone, the vehicle has a 21-mile range, ideally allowing a driver who has run out of gas to reach a service station to refuel. The Energi also offers an eCVT automatic transmission coupled...



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Rough Driving Conditions Are No Match for the Transit Connect

Whoever said that large vehicles are hard to control clearly hasn't seen the popular 2018 Ford Transit Connect. It's a versatile and functional vehicle that does double-duty as a cargo van and passenger wagon. It's built with many safety features that make sure you can maintain control throughout your drive.

One useful piece of technology is electronic Curve Control. The Transit Connect has a number of sensors that monitor the road conditions and your driving patterns. If you go over a tight curve or a wet road too fast, the van will reduce throttle power and apply…

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A Closer Look at the Ford F-150 Raptor’s Interior

You don’t want to miss out on the Ford F-150 Raptor and the interior features. At Performance Ford Tooele, we have the trucks in our inventory.

You can look forward to bucket seats in the front and a fold-down bench seat in the rear. There’s a center console, an instrument panel with gauges and meters, as well as a reverse sensing system. The list of comfort and convenience features expands when you look at what’s optional. You can choose rain-sensing wipers, ambient lighting, an 8” productivity screen, and more.


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The Multiple Design Options for the Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is a compact vehicle that is designed to be an economical car that provides great gas mileage. Although it is a smaller car, the Focus has plenty of interior room, and the Focus has an exterior design that provides a multitude of options for those considering this car.

The Ford Focus offers drivers many colors to choose from. Blue metallic, white gold and shadow black are just of few of the brilliant colors that are sure to attract the attention of other drivers. Depending on the trim level of...
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